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Student Summer Rock Music Singing Vocal Performance Recording Production Camps  Course Outline - Student Summer Rock Music Singing Vocal Performance Recording Production Camps

  Rock-N-Roll Boot Camp - Student Summer Rock Music Singing Vocal Performance Recording Production Camps

July 26th 9:30AM

“Get to know the studio”

Learn the in’s and out’s of how the studio works, Mixing Console – The studio has a British Built Trident Series 24 mixing console. This split console is a classic design from the 1980’s. Learn how using analogue design is incorporated with the latest in digital technology. Computer / Pro-tools – Apple Mac G-5 and Pro-Tools HD, this is the standard in digital recording. Learn the basics of Pro-Tools with “Hands On” experience. Patch Bay – everything has an in and out. Learn how it works and how it is incorporated into the signal flow of the studio. Outboard Gear – what is compression, eq, limiting?

What makes a room sound good? Learn the basics of how to create and perform in a professional creative space. The musicians and engineers get introduced to the recording environment. How to set up for a session, how to choose the right microphone for the right application. What is the best way to “Get the Vibe” and to make the musicians as comfortable as possible? Learn from professionals in recording how to choose the right amp the right drum and how to get the most out of it, both sonically and musically. Once the Drums, Guitar amps and Vocal microphones are set up it’s time to get the music started!

July 27th 9:30AM

Now that we understand the basics the musicians and the engineers get busy setting up and constructing the first session. Under the direction of the staff we will create a real world working session. From song selection to how the drums will be set up, we all will start the process together. The best way to learn is to do and that’s exactly what will happen. Questions and discussions will take place throughout the day with regards to rehearsing the band choosing the right instrument as well as picking the proper eq and compression for the drum kit. Other topics will include Guitar isolation and performance issues. Although some will be playing and some will be engineering all will experience the atmosphere and the understanding as to how a session really works.

July 28th 9:30AM


Now that we started to rehearse and settle into the roles everyone is going to play we will need some “one on one” instruction. Professional studio musicians with many recording credits to their names will arrive to give hands on training to your specific instrument. Playing live and playing in the studio are very different and these instructors will illustrate those differences. They will walk you through how to be a better player. Simultaneously I will be instructing the engineers as to how to capture the sound, how to get the headphone mix right and to make sure we are getting the best sound recorded. This day we will have the pleasure to get into breakout groups and be instructed by professional studio musicians.

July 29th

Today is the day we start putting it all together. From a good performance of the band to the right sounds to recording and playing back. This is the day we’ve been waiting for. All the rehearsal and the instruction are ready to pay off in a great performance bay the musicians and a great recording by the engineers. We will get the basic track recorded and start the over dubs. We will be making sure the sounds, the tuning the instruments and the playing are all in sync to make a great recording.

July 30th

Mixing, mixing and more mixing. Finishing up a session right is crucial. Understanding how to listen, hearing for yourself how compression, delays, reverbs, among other outboard gear, works. Listen to your mix through lots of different speakers. Using what you learned all week and putting it together in a mix.

There will be a 45 minute lunch break midway through the day.
Rock-N-Roll Boot Camp